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The Pure Top

The Pure Top

With a choice of cap sleeve (full length and cropped), three-quarter sleeve (full length), a no-gape scoop neck, and an extra-generous length the Pure Top can be worn with anything from low-cut T-shirts to low-rise jeans or even a dress, making it a MUST for every woman's wardrobe.


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Why Buy from Pure Clothing?


Once you start to wear a Pure Top you will wonder how you ever managed to survive without them.


We want you to be able to wear the latest high street fashions without having to worry about dressing modestly.


Even if dressing modestly is not a concern for you, the Pure Top is a great base garment if you like to layer your tops.


Because the Pure Top is stretchy and form-fitting, it has a fantastic slimming effect when worn underneath your regular top. Smooth out those bulges!


The Pure Top is excellent quality and designed to be worn often. You won't need to replace your top for a long time even if you wear it several times a week.


Form-fitting and designed to be worn unobtrusively beneath your regular clothing.


We have a growing range of styles, colours and sizes.


The Pure Top is a great solution for parents who worry about what their teenage daughters are wearing.


Dressing modestly will boost your confidence and self-esteem.


The Pure Top can be worn during pregnancy and complements your maternity-wear by ensuring that your bump always stays covered.


The no-gape neck means you can safely bend down without giving anyone an eyeful.


The extra long design prevents any skin from showing when you are sitting down - even with low-rise jeans.


Super-versatile. Wear it pulled tight or bunched, with casual or work clothes, and even dresses.



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